Debbie Sun Design

From artist, Debbie Sun: People ask why I am always smiling. It’s an easy answer. I see beauty everywhere, in everything around me. I see beauty in the ordinary and revel in the extraordinary. My intention is to be in the moment, make it matter and see the beauty in it. Every moment is there for you to have. Have it! Live it! Enjoy it! Cherish it! Appreciate the moment! And smile.

Just as I do, my artwork smiles. There is a pureness to my colors, a simplicity in the design, a freshness that gives room to breathe, there’s a reason to smile.

As an artist, I take my cues from two of my most influential inspirations, nature and architecture. My work plays with the dynamics between organic flow of nature and the geometry of forms and shapes that come through in architecture. Many of my textile designs originate from a hand painted silk piece which is then re-interpreted digitally. The fluidity of the silks finds structure in a way of a pattern or design, often playing with layers and transparency. I am fascinated with construction and deconstruction, from natural elements to architectural designs. In nature, zooming in to the minute details (for example, the skeleton of a leaf) reveals a structural system, a sense of order, a rigid design. Zooming out, you see the color, lightness and beauty. It is this interplay with architecture and nature that inspires my textile designs. As an avid photographer, I also enjoy adding photographs to the mix, again finding patterns and textures through the lens of the camera and then translating it onto fabric.

Born in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, raised on the island of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, undoubtedly the Caribbean is in my heart. I lived stateside during my Architectural studies at the University of California, at Berkeley, came back to St. Croix for eleven years before moving to Barcelona, Spain for almost seven years. In 2014, I returned to my beloved island, St. Croix, where inspiration and beauty abound.

A Debbie Sun design in your home will bring a touch of Caribbean Elegance, European Influence and most importantly, a smile.

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