Merch Carnival

Hi Everyone! My name is Ashleé Douglas. I was born and raised in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands and have roots in Trinidad and Dominica. I have a great love for the region and everything that it has to offer. This love is reflected in my company, MerchCarnival.

In 2012, during my sophomore year of college, I had the idea to produce my own merchandise line, AD Designs, which celebrated my Virgin Islands pride. Learning more about Caribbean-based and Caribbean-inspired brands, I wanted to help showcase these brands to a larger audience. Thus, MerchCarnival was born.

My mantra as an entrepreneur is 'brands supporting brands'. Through collaboration, I've found that everyone is uplifted. I think this exemplifies West Indian pride. I pride myself in showcasing my work and helping other creators showcase theirs.

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